Anton Didenko

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Research Fellow

Anton’s research focuses on the regulation of banking operations and financial technology (FinTech). He has held senior legal positions (serving as the head of legal support of international operations) at major private commercial banks in Moscow, Russia. Prior to joining the UNSW, he had also practised as a banking and finance lawyer at a law firm in London, advising on banking regulations and legislation applicable to financial intermediaries in Russia, as well as an extensive range of international financing transactions.

Anton specialises in the area of secured transactions law: he is the author of various publications (including a dissertation on the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment at the University of Oxford) and the editor of the Cape Town Convention Journal. He is also a member of the international group of experts (convened by the University of Washington and the University of Oxford) developing new approaches to the economic impact assessment of international commercial law reform.

In 2017, Anton conducted research on the regulation of FinTech in Kenya and South Africa during his work as a Research Fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law in London.

Regulation of Digital Financial Services (DFS), FinTech and RegTech, secured transactions law, rule of law in business.