FinTech is a contraction of the terms "financial" and "technology." FinTech is the use of technology to deliver financial solutions. FinTech is transforming finance and challenging its regulation at an unprecedented rate. FinTech runs the gamut of new platforms from P2P lending to robo-advice, and from payments to credit scoring.  CLMR research in this area is a mix of funded research projects and on-going research by individual scholars. Focus areas include implications of the rise of TechFins and Big Data, online investing, equity crowd funding and algorithmic financial advising.

RegTech (like FinTech) is a contraction of the terms "regulatory" and "technology." It refers to the application of technology to regulatory matters and initially consisted of products to assist financial institutions to meet their compliance and reporting obligations, which increased massively after the Global Financial Crisis. RegTech now offers an opportunity to rethink entirely the way that regulation and finance work.  RegTech offers a proportionate risk-based approach where access to and analysis of data enables more granular and effective supervision of markets and market participants. CLMR Researchers are seeking to illuminate the benefits of using RegTech.

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