Digital Financial Services

Financial services provide opportunities often taken for granted in developed countries, including the ability to readily make payments, save and invest for the future, insure against misfortune and borrow to grow one’s business.

However, in developing countries around two billion people lack financial services. In most of these countries, more people have a mobile phone than a bank account. Innovators are making use of this unprecedented access to affordable technology to deliver digital financial services (DFS) to the previously unbanked at an impressive rate. 

DFS refers to any financial service or product accessible using a digital platform. DFS includes a range of services including e-money, transaction accounts, savings, credit and insurance. The challenge for regulators is to establish the appropriate (and not unduly burdensome) legal and regulatory environment for DFS to improve financial inclusion (where financial services are safe, affordable and accessible).

The UNSW Digital Financial Services Research Team is conducting in-depth and pioneering research into the regulation of digital financial services with support from the Australian Research Council (ARC) and the United Nations Capital Development Fund. 

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