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Speeding Up The Injury Recovery Process

The current anti-doping system features a strict ban on performance enhancing drugs but should there be an exception to recognise the use of prohibited substances for injury recovery?

Sports Governance: Doping and Integrity Measures

An understanding of anti-doping legislation is not sufficient. Issues around governance, integrity and their interplay with the doping rules must also be understood.

The Rhetoric of Defamation as a Management Tool

Is the rhetoric of defamation being used to not only protect individual or group reputations, but to manage and control the media and any brand management fallout?


Doping in Sport Forum: Video

Highlights and the full video of the Doping in Sport Forum held in the UNSW Law Theatre on 10 October 2013 are available


Dopers, Lawyers and Criminals: How is Sport to cope?

Originally Published: 
On 28 October 2014 The Australian and New Zealand Sports Law Association partnered with CLMR to invite guest speaker Professor Jack Anderson, Queen’s University, Belfast and Editor-in-Chief of the International Sports Law Journal to present on the issue ‘Dopers, Lawyers and Criminals': How is S

CLMR Workshop: Doping in Sport

Doping Symposium, 16 April 2014
CLMR Workshop: Doping in Sport held on 16 April 2014 at UNSW CBD Campus, Sydney.


“Doping in Sport and the Law” launched by John Fahey

Mr John Fahey launches "Doping in Sport and the Law" an edited collection conceived by CLMR's Associate Professor Deborah Healey.
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