The financial sector has shown itself to be stubbornly unresponsive to Government regulation and to a variety of self-regulatory models that have been tried. The Global Financial Crisis has been described as a failure of ethics or values. It has led to a reduction in trust and confidence in the institutions of finance. This project explores whether the ethos and conduct standards of the professions, the training and competence and commitment to clients, the public interest and peers, could make a difference. In short it explores whether the structures, practices, beliefs and expectations of professions could act as a regulatory strategy to improve the conduct and hence trust in, the institutions of finance.  Read more


Opinion Pieces

FCA: On the wrong side of the argument?

Financial Times, 2 July 2015. After a Tory election victory, the tough approach of the chief executive of UK regulator FCA may be out of fashion.

The Oxford Project: A Regulator Responds II

An "ethical infrastructure" is an essential precondition for building trust and integrity.

The Oxford Project: A Political Scientist Responds

In lieu of designing and imposing integrity systems, we should dig deeper into understanding of the nature and dynamics of the "micro-foundations" of financial markets.

Working Papers

Modern Professional Practice and its Future March 2016: Hugh Breakey & Charles Sampford

Originally Published: 
A National Exam for Financial Advisers: Panacea, check-box or integrity system?

Modern Professional Practice and its Future March 2016: John Chellew & Alex Roberts

Originally Published: 
Structural Types of Professional Regulation: Comparative Case Studies in Australia and the UK

Modern Professional Practice and its Future March 2016: John K Morgan & Pamela Hanrahan

Originally Published: 
Professional Indemnity Insurance: Compensating Consumers and Regulating Professionals


Understanding professionals and their workplaces: The mission of the Journal of Professions and Organization

Originally Published: 
Brock, David, Huseyin Leblebici and Daniel Muzio, Understanding professionals and their workplaces The mission of the Journal of Professions and Organization. Journal of Professions and Organization, 2014, 1, 1–15

Entrepreneurship, managerialism and professionalism in action: the case of the legal profession in England and Wales

Originally Published: 
Muzio, Daniel and John Flood, Entrepreneurship, Managerialism and Professionalism in Action The Case of the Legal Profession in England and Wales

The re-landscaping of the legal profession: Large law firms and professional re-regulation

Originally Published: 
Flood, John, The Re-Landscaping of the Legal Profession Large Law Firms and Professional Re-Regulation, 2011, 59 Current Sociology 507


Professionalism conference: The Global Professional Firm and Employed Professionals

Sam Howitz: Globes
Join us on 12th April 2017 as we explore the future of professional practice in the world of the global professional firm and the employed professionals who work in their transnational practices.


Modern Professional Practice and its Future March 2016: Presentation Slides

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Slides from all Presentations given at the 'Modern Professional Practice and its Future' Symposium March 2016
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