Market Conduct Regulation

Centre for Law Markets and Regulation research on market conduct regulation ranges from law, through a variety of formal regulation together with a wide range of intentional non-legal strategies to influence conduct. The kinds of market (mis)conduct CLMR researchers work on include misleading conduct, market manipulation and insider dealing, unfair conduct or that which leads to disorderly markets and market disruption. These days it may also include conduct not only at ‘point of sale’ but high in the ‘value chain’ such as product design and distribution networks and supply chains. Different strategies of enforcement such as class actions and enforceable undertakings are central to the research activities. The research here is a mix of funded research projects, on-going research by individual scholars and of groups pursuing a longer research program. 

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    Active Projects

    • The Deterrent Effect of Enforceable Undertakings on Third Party Financial Services Providers
    • The Effectiveness of Financial Advice