“Doping in Sport and the Law” launched by John Fahey

Mr. John Fahey AC, former President of the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) and former Premier of New South Wales, who became famous for his jump in the air when Sydney was awarded the 2000 Olympic Games, launched a new edited collection, "Doping in Sport and the Law," on Wednesday 17 August at a cocktail party supported by the Centre for Law Markets and Regulation and the Australian and New Zealand Sport Law Association.


The 14-chapter Hart Publishing volume, conceived by Associate Professor Deborah Healey of UNSW Law, and edited by her and Professor Ulrich Haas of University of Zurich, recognises that regulation of anti-doping involves a complex mix of public and private regulation aside from the World Anti-Doping Code itself.  The book drew together many noted sports lawyers, but also leading academics from other areas of law to explore doping regulation from a variety of important legal perspectives.  There was a significant contribution to the book from UNSW Law academics, with chapters by Professors Andrew Byrnes and Prue Vines; Greg Weeks, Marina Nehme and Tom Hickie. Other contributors were Professor Joellen Riley, Dean, Law School, University of Sydney, and included three Court of Arbitration for Sport Arbitrators in Allan Sullivan QC, Paul David QC from New Zealand and Professor Ulrich Haas himself; Professor Jack Anderson from Queens University in Belfast; Sudarshan Kanagaratnam of the Sydney Bar; Jason Mazanov from UNSW, Canberra; Narelle Bedford from Bond University ; Catherine Ordway, Anti-Doping Consultant;  and David Weiler, solicitor. A number of these authors are members of the Australia and New Zealand Sport Law Association (ANZSLA).


Mr Fahey congratulated the authors on their thoughtful approach to the issues at hand, stating that the book should be on the shelf of every chief executive of a sporting organisation and every sports law practitioner.  He expressed his disappointment with the treatment of Russian athletes by the IOC following recent scandals, stating that they should have taken the same approach as the International Paralympic Committee and banned all Russian athletes.


The launch was held in the offices of Kennedys in Sydney, where the authors were joined by notable individuals from the anti-doping law world.  


The book can be ordered from Bloomsbury

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