Professionalism conference: The Global Professional Firm and Employed Professionals

Sam Howitz: Globes

This conference explores the future of professional practice in the world of the global professional firm and the employed professionals who work in their transnational practices. Leading scholar of the professions Professor John Flood will open the conference. He will discuss how the professions are changing in response to deregulation, globalization, organizational restructuring as well as technological innovations. 

This provides the setting for the following presentations which concentrate on the position of employees in the large professional firms and large organisations both nationally and globally. These large firms and organisations and the employment setting they provide are part of the forces of change that Professor Flood will discuss.

More generally, the conference showcases the research of a team combining academics from leading Australian and overseas universities and professionals from the Professional Standards Council. The researchers have taken topics central to the understanding of cosmopolitan professional practice and combined academic research with a strong practical emphasis. This is seen in the combined presentations of researchers and practicing professionals invited to comment on the research presented. Where possible the presenters identify practical recommendations on the topic of discussion.  A range of professional settings from law to medicine, finance, the built environment and occupations involving technology are considered. The conference is for professional associations, practicing professionals and aspiring professionals who wish to be ready for the changes that the globalisation of professional work has already begun to produce and for the practice of professionalism in employment.


Date: Wednesday 12 April, 2017

Time: 9.45am - 4.00pm

Venue: Allens, L28 Deutsche Bank Place, 126 Phillip St (corner Hunter & Phillip Streets) [map]

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