Working Papers

From Fintech to Techfin the Regulatory Challenges of Data-Driven Finance

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Dirk Zetzsche , Ross Buckley, Douglas Arner, and Janos Barberis discuss the implications of the shift from financial intermediary (FinTech) to data intermediary (TechFin) for incumbent financial services firms, FinTech startups and regulators.

The Evolution of Fintech: A New Post-Crisis Paradigm?

Douglas W. Arner, Janos Nathan Barberis and Ross P. Buckley discuss the challenges for regulators and market participants posed by the evolution of FinTech.

FinTech, RegTech and the Reconceptualization of Financial Regulation

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The regulatory changes and technological developments following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis are fundamentally changing the nature of financial markets, services and institutions.