John Chellew

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PhD Student

John is a Senior Research Fellow working at the UNSW Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation on its 'Professionalism Project' - an Australian Research Council Linkage Grant project entitled 'Professions, Professional Standards and Capital Markets in the 21st Century: Regulatory Engagement, Design and Strategies'. The research is investigating how to improve professional standards in Australia's financial sector to reduce the risk of a future global financial crisis. John is also a PhD candidate at UNSW Law researching possible regulatory reform in the financial markets sector with a particular focus on derivatives. His thesis, 'Financial Derivatives versus Gambling: Where Should Australia Draw the Legal/Regulatory Dividing Line', investigates the conceptual, legal and regulatory overlap and interaction between derivatives and gambling. John has had over 20 years’ experience working in the areas of law and financial regulatory reform. Prior to joining UNSW, he was a lawyer at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’) for 12 years working on a wide range of regulatory reform projects for the financial markets and services sector including, for example, Australia’s implementation of the G20’s global derivatives regulatory reforms in response to the global financial crisis; advising Treasury and the Minister, in conjunction with the RBA, on the ASX's proposed new clearing and settlement facility for over-the-counter derivatives; ASIC’s development of Corporations Act Market Integrity Rules for supervising the ASX, ASX 24 and Chi-X securites and derivatives markets; and ASIC’s implementation, from 2002 onwards, of the then newly-enacted Corporations Act Chapter 7 financial markets and services regime. Prior to this, John worked as a lawyer in two law firms for a number of years; as a derivatives trader and advisor for a financial institution in Hong Kong; and as an editor for the UK-based international finance publishing house, Euromoney.

Regulation of derivatives (over-the-counter and exchange-traded), securities, financial markets, financial services and clearing and settlement facilities in Australia and internationally.