State Capital

The growing size and significance of investments by Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are having a profound impact on the dynamics of markets across the world. Given the economic and political reality that Australia’s future economic well-being is increasingly intertwined with Asia, especially China, the issue of better understanding global state investment capital is a strategic priority.

Opinion Pieces

Foreign Investment Regulation and Chinese State Capital: A Shifting Ground?

Dr Megan Bowman discusses how proposed foreign investment liberalisation in Australia falls short of endorsing major policy or law reform.

China’s SOEs Test the Waters in the South China Sea

The recent HSYS-981 oil rig incident raises not only legal questions about sovereignty and regional security but also political economy issues regarding the role of state-owned enterprises.

UNSW Law Shapes Financial Conduct Reform Agenda

UNSW Law academics have been quietly shaping the financial conduct reform agenda

Working Papers

CLMR Working Paper 14-2: Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Good Guy Investment Actors?

Originally Published: 
The CLMR State Capital research team elucidate how Sovereign Wealth Funds may not only be a facilitative economic mechanism but also an important tool for domestic societal benefit.

CLMR Working Paper 14-1: Australian Foreign Investment Law and Policy in the Asian Century

Originally Published: 
Can Australia’s current policy settings be maintained in the Asian Century given the pace and scale of change since the framework was first established in 1975?

CLMR Working Paper 13-5: China: Investing in the World

Originally Published: 
It is clear that China has emerged as a key investment actor in the current global milieu. This paper adds an historical perspective to the China state capital story.


UNSW Confucius Conversations - The Hon. Senator Bob Carr

Originally Published: 
Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr speaks on the Australia-China Partnership in the Asian Century.


Canadian Government Releases Updated Policy Towards State Capitalism

Originally Published: 
The Canadian Government has releases its updated policy towards investments from state-owned entities.

Canadian Government Publishes Revised Investment Guidelines

Originally Published: 
In light of the takeover of Nexen by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, the Canadian Government has issued updated investment policy guidelines that relate to state-owned enterprises.


The Economist Bellweather Series Australia 2012

Originally Published: 
12 July 2012, Sheraton on the Park, Sydney

The Balancing Act: Managing Risk and Opportunity

Originally Published: 
10 May 2012, Sofitel on Collins, Melbourne
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