About us

Research – Influence – Impact

The Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation is the premier research centre for the study of the dynamics of market regulation. The CLMR conducts research on the legal, regulatory and contextual aspects of markets, corporations, finance and business transactions. Centre members produce high quality research to deepen understanding, influence opinion and support action with real-world impact. The Centre’s work is distinctive in the range of market institutions it studies, and its focus on understanding the nature and effects of regulation. The work is also distinctive because while in a commercial context, the CLMR’s research often has social justice aspects. The CLMR uses good ideas derived from research to have influence and impact with regulators and government, fellow academics, corporations, financial and business entities and the wider community.

Research – Publicise – Influence – Impact

The objectives of the Centre for Law Markets and Regulation are:       

  • To undertake high quality research at UNSW in the legal, regulatory and contextual aspects of markets, corporations and business transactions;     
  • To publicise this research for use by government, regulatory agencies, business, markets, the academy and the wider community;
  • To promote informed public debate about the corporate and commercial law and regulatory issues of the day and use good ideas for beneficial change; 
  • To make this research available through a web-site, public lectures and professional conferences, the media, the work of CLMR members on boards and tribunals as well as through traditional academic publications.